Naam project: Work Injury Screening and Early intervention (WISE) Study

Projectleider: prof. M. Nicholas

Projectgroep: prof. M. Nicholas (University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital), Prof. Dr. R.J.E.M. Smeets

Looptijd: 2013 - 2016

Samenwerkende en deelnemende instituten: University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital, Adelante

Beschrijving: The primary aim of the study is to determine if implementation of an early identification and intervention protocol for injured workers (who have been assessed as being at high risk for delayed return to work) results in better outcomes compared to usual care (current practice) for similar high-risk injured workers. The better outcomes we anticipate are:

  1. Reduced costs of workers compensation claims
  2. Moresustained RTW in the 12 month

Methode: A controlled, non-randomised, intervention design will be used, where the outcomes of 6 public hospitals will be compared with the outcomes from 4 other public hospitals. This means that workers in each hospital will be assigned to one or other condition (Intervention or Control) according to the predetermined assignment for that hospital (i.e., if the hospital has been assigned to the control condition all high risk workers at that site will be assigned to the control condition).

Stand van zaken: Inclusie is afgerond en publicaties worden voorbereid. Implementatie door ministerie is al ter hand genomen.

Resultaat: Het project wordt in Australië uitgevoerd. Prof. Dr. R.J.E.M. Smeets is als projectgroeplid hierbij actief betrokken.  

Financier: New South Wales Ministry of Health, New South Wales Self-Insurance Corporation (which is part of the NSW Treasury), and Employers Mutual Ltd (a Workers Compensation Insurance company).