Sport and exercise

Adults and children with health issues can learn to exercise or take part in sport under expert guidance at Adelante's sports centre. Adelante's focus is on finding an effective balance between sport, exercise and relaxation. However, this balance is important for everyone, not just those with a disability. Those who exercise or take part in sport on a regular basis will feel fitter. It also enables sports-lovers to deal with stress more effectively. A healthy lifestyle reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular problems, diabetes, various types of cancer and other diseases. To this end, under expert supervision, anyone can work towards improving their physical condition at the sports centre.


Sport and exercise for adults

At Adelante, adults with a physical disability or chronic illness can improve their condition, muscle strength and stamina under professional supervision. Adelante has developed special exercise and sports programmes for people with various disorders.

Sport and exercise for persons with a physical disability

- Sport and exercise with a referral (medical indication) from a family doctor or specialist: 

  • for adults with a chronic disorder, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease, and lung and heart disorders. These programmes will help individuals deal with physical disability during their everyday life with the aid of medical fitness and training therapy.
  • for adult leg amputees This programme is aimed at improving general functioning by increasing better muscle strength, mobility, suppleness and stamina.

- Special sports training without a referral (no medical indication):

  • for adults with heart problems, chronic pain or a brain injury. These training programmes are aimed at recovery and structural improvement of the condition.

Sport and exercise for persons with no disability

- Sport and exercise for everyone (no medical indication):

  • for adults without any physical disability who want to get the best out of themselves in a quiet but specialised care environment. Adelante can put together customised sports programmes consisting of fitness, general swimming and aqua-gym.

Herstel & Balans®

Adelante is licensee in the Netherlands of the Herstel & Balans® rehabilitation programme. This programme has a strong focus on health improvement and rehabilitation for persons who have been treated for cancer. The programme also includes theme-based sessions at which fellow cancer sufferers can help each other deal with the emotional side of the disease.

Sport and exercise for children with a disability

For children with a disability or chronic illness, sport and exercise can present a considerable obstacle, especially when it comes to recreational sport. Adelante gives children from the age of 6 upwards a step-up with special swimming programmes. The programme of supervision is based on behavioural therapy and is aimed primarily at building confidence and getting maximum enjoyment out of sport and exercise.

Sports Desk for adults

Adults can contact the Sports Desk at Adelante for personal advice about sport and exercise. Consultants working for the Sports Desk have all the information about sports possibilities at Adelante at their fingertips. This also includes information on suitable and sometimes special opportunities which are available at mainstream sports clubs. This means that anyone looking to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle can start at Adelante, or with the support of Adelante.