Special needs education

At Adelante, it’s all about getting the best out of yourself. It’s precisely because of the limitation, that we focus on what the individual is able to do and  make the best use of the chances and opportunities. Unique to the care that Adelante provides is the fact that we combine various professional expertises under one roof. Children and young persons can receive rehabilitation care, home-training and a suitable schooling. The care and education we provide are geared up to the needs of the child. One child, one plan: that underlies our philosophy of care and focus!


Special needs education

Adelante has special educational facilities for children and young persons with a physical disability or a long-term illness between the ages of 4 and 20 in Limburg and the Euregion. Likewise, children with multiple disabilities are catered for at Adelante. Adelante offers these children and youngsters ‘special needs education’. This means that we do our utmost to ensure that all pupils within our sphere of influence are able to follow an education that is suited to their own individual needs. This is an environment in which they are able to develop to their potential. This might, for example, be at the special needs unit at the Adelante school in Valkenburg a/d Geul, or through community-based support from Adelante in mainstream education.

The Adelante school for special needs in Valkenburg a/d Geul offers 4 different learning paths:

  • primary education - for children with normal learning or a slight learning disability
  • special primary education - for children with a severe learning disability
  • secondary special needs education (VSO) practical - for youngsters with a learning disability (slight to severe)
  • secondary special needs education (VSO) for mainstream learning (VMBO/HAVO)

Children from 0 to 4 years with a disability or health issues are catered for at Adelante in therapeutic playgroups. Toddlers are able to learn in fun environment. At the same time, the transition to primary school, at Adelante or another school, is prepared in the best possible way.

Community-based support

Adelante provides special needs education through community-based support in mainstream, primary, secondary and vocational education. To this end, Adelante develops customised educational products, such as for physical education, the development of fine motor skills and learning to manage a disability or illness. This community-based support enables children with a disability or long-term illness to follow mainstream education in their own community.

Central to our health-care provision: an integrated approach

As much as possible, the care and education provided by Adelante are geared up to the needs of the child. To do this, for each child and every young person a personal development plan is drawn up at the start of their schooling. This plan focuses on the progress made in the pupil’s development. It specifies the goals towards which the individual should be aiming. The ultimate objective is always an independent a future as possible and active participation in society.