Adelante helps children and adults who are faced with the effects of an illness, disorder or accident in regaining their functionalities and social participation.


Rehabilitation for adults

Adelante specialises in the support and treatment of adults with an injury, a physical disorder and persons with a chronic illness. We provide rehabilitation treatment and support at three sites in Limburg (Hoensbroek, Heerlen and Maastricht) in the form of clinical admissions, day-care and out-patient appointments with rehabilitation specialist. We offer help to our patients through specialist and advanced methods of treatment, assistive devices and other provisions. Depending on the need of the patient, these treatment programmes bring together different disciplines, such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, nursing, social work and psychology.

When it comes to rehabilitation, Adelante’s strength lies in its focus: we focus not on the disability but on chances and opportunities. What’s feasible, and how far can the boundaries be pushed back? This approach goes beyond medical issues alone: psychological and social aspects also play a role. To what extent is the individual able to cope: what’s the home situation and are there any special workplace or study requirements? We work together with the patient, looking at the rehabilitation programme from all possible and desirable angles, to bring about an independent as possible lifestyle and to optimise participation in the community.

Adelante provides treatment and support to adults in the process of recovery following an operation or accident. Adelante specialises in rehabilitation care for persons with chronic illness or disorder, such as aphasia, (complex) musculoskeletal problems, cerebrovascular dysfunction, chronic pain, paraplegia, facial nerve paralysis, fibromyalgia, coronary disease, cancer, multiple trauma, non-congenital brain injury, (complex) orthopaedic disorders, intestinal problems, Parkinson’s disease and sitting problems. This care can only be provided on the referral of a (family) doctor or specialist.


Rehabilitation for children and young persons

Valkenburg a/d Geul in South Limburg provides the peaceful setting from which Adelante provides care to children and young persons (from 0 to 20 years) who are faced with a physical disability. These problems might result, for example, from a chronic disease, a disorder or an accident. To help every child and youngster effectively, Adelante has developed a unique, all-round interdisciplinary programme in which pediatric rehabilitation, special needs education and home-training form the foundation stone for customised care. The starting point for this are the needs of the child and the parents: what are the physical obstacles they are faced with in everyday life? For example, these might relate to mobility, communication, personal care, social contacts, independence or the application of knowledge. Together with the child and its parents, through a mix of therapy, schooling, as well as any out-of-school care and home-training, we work towards a situation in which the limitations make way for opportunities. The care we provide looks at all facets of everyday life and is fully geared up to the needs of the child in their specific age group. The objective is to enable them to make an active as possible contribution to society.

Adelante provides treatment and support to children and young persons with e.g. brain injury, a developmental disorder, spinal cord defects or problems of the peripheral nerves, muscle disease, skeletal disorders, children with heart defects, lung defects, blood disease and rheumatic disorders. We also offer treatment and support for children with a long-term illness, such as diabetes, obesity or chronic pain. Most children and young persons come to Adelante for day-care in combination with school. If necessary, the child can be admitted to Adelante’s clinic, de Valkhorst, which is likewise situated in Valkenburg a/d Geul. Adelante out-patient clinics are located in the hospitals of Maastricht and Heerlen. There is also a possibility for children and young persons to be treated at home.