Employment reintegration

Adelante employment reintegration helps individuals obtain or retain a fully fledged job on the labour market, despite their health limitations. Our professionals combine specialist knowledge on the cutting edge of health and employment. Together with the client, employer, the company medical officer and the (incapacitated) employee, on the basis of the capabilities and possibilities, we chart the best route available for bringing about successful (re)integration. Adelante also provides tools to improve the employee's physical and mental capacity to work to prevent future incapacitation.



An assessment provides greater transparency when a company medical officer and/or employer has questions about an employee’s physical and psychological capacity to work. Adelante has various methods at its disposal to carry out an assessment of the match between the physical, psychological and mental attributes of the employee and the demands that the workplace has on him or her. The outcome of the assessment enables the employer and the employee to set in motion the necessary steps for a rapid and successful reintegration.

The comprehensive package of assessment methods at Adelante includes career (development) appraisals, examination of the employee's psychological, physical and mental capacity to work and a neuro-psychological assessment. For workplace simulation and to get a better idea of an employee's physical capacity to work, Adelante uses the advanced ERGOS 2 Worksimulator. Assessments specifically tailored to the needs of the individual are also possible.

Workplace assessment

Adelante's Workplace Assessment service consists of an occupational assessment and ergonomic advice or workplace adaptation. An occupational assessor draws up an evaluation and advice on the suitability of work and this advice ties in with specific activities that will further employment reintegration. The occupational therapist will also offer advice on the best way to organise the current or future workplace. This advice provides the employer, the company medical officer and the employee with the necessary information to arrange the current or future workplace.

Early Intervention

In the event of (impending) incapacitation, company medical officers, family doctors and medical specialists can refer employees to Adelante for Early Intervention. As part of this process, our professionals examine in 3 stages what form of rehabilitation works the most effectively for the employee. 

  • Via Adelante's employment reintegration centre, the referrer can get a better idea of the factors which will help facilitate (or inhibit) the employee's recovery, in combination with advice on provisions for reintegration and/or rehabilitation.
  • A quick scan provides an effective degree of transparency about both the medical, psychological and/or physical limitations of an employee, and the possibilities at one's disposal to improve this capacity to work.
  • As part of this Early Intervention training, the employee will learn techniques of health and pain management. This training programme helps the employee work towards optimum capacity, with the ultimate aim of making a full return to work, or long-term retention of the current work with the employer.

During the entire early intervention programme, the employee receives the supervision of a reintegration coordinator.